Juli 17, 2020


The masks we wear day by day. One for work, one for family events, the happy mask when we bumb into strangers, one for friends, one for our lover. We are strong, we are happy, we are successful, we are swimming with the masses. We carry our smiles, walls to protect our core.

But at the same time, it’s what makes us lonely. Then no matter how the other reacts, what he says, he doesn’t do it according to your true self. He speaks to your mask. No matter where the other touches you, he doesn’t touch your real self. With masks our souls can’t touch. We put our clothes down before we give up our masks.

The only way out of that misery, is to open up as much as possible. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH. Become transparent like a summer breeze, give your wounds some fresh air, be crazy or be boring, but be authentic. Meditate. A journey to your core. And start to strip down whatever wants your mask rather than your real face.

Lets repeat this one, let it melt on your tongue: Strip down whatever wants your mask rather than your real face. Get naked. Get real.
Selfportrait, Guatemala 2019

Life is so short and pressures, don’t waste it on bosses that don’t give a damn about you or a relationship that locks you up in a cage and wants you to sing their mantras. Cut of the puppet strings. Sing your own mantra. Trust. Being loved or being hated for what you truely are is the most satisfying feeling on this planet.

I got so annoyed with a world that wants me to pretend I am a serious business lady or the normal citizen. I was so bored of hiding my real self from the neighbour’s eyes. ‚Do whatever you want but don’t give them a reason to talk bad about you.‘ I’ve always been a little rebellic, but there were many situations were I was holding back. ‚Don’t ever be too much. You have to be enough.‘ No more. I am me and I am here to be truely happy. I am never too much. I am never too little.


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