A ceremony of art and beauty. A ritual just for you to reconnect with your body, your nature while you are held by a circle of women. Let’s get together and create magical art together and worship our human bodies the way they are. Let’s embrace the Muse that you were born to be.

My dear Mermaid, this Ceremonial Shoot is a last and deep in-breath before the winters frosty song reaches our shore. Come and fill your cup till it overflows. 

Join us, in our little hiding spot, the beautiful sanctuary that is UHU. Let me drape you in flowing fabrics and bathe you in love and flowers, creature of beauty. 

This afternoon is a celebration of your oceanic nature, your sensuality. It is a seed that you can take with you into the darkest of seasons. A goodbye-hum and the ending of a cycle, a retreat for your soul.



We will gather in our lush and cozy sanctuary that is Urban Healing Unit in Berlin. It offers so many options to create otherworldly magic. There’s so many breathtaking ideas already forming in my mind. It also includes a small sauna, where we can deflate and celebrate the shoot at the end of our art ritual.



* Around 60 or more digital group pictures for private use, as well as some close-ups – all edited in my style (if everyone agrees to use them online, you’ll also get the rights for that.). The crème de la crème of our journey.

*2 or more mystical faceless photographs for online use. I will communicate when we create them, so you can decide how you want to position yourself.

* Embark on an adventure through the most enchanting scenes at a cozy and uniquely curated indoor location. The ideas are flowing like a river, and we’re ready to turn each moment into pure magic.

* Immerse yourself in beautiful fabrics and otherworldly objects, turning you into a living masterpiece. Picture yourself as the canvas, transformed into a captivating work of art.

*Experience rituals for the body and soul, a journey to connect deeper with your human form. Embrace it, celebrate it, and worship it.

* Around 1 hour of sauna bliss for you to sink deeper into your body.

*beautiful behind the scenes pictures shot by the woman by my side, Lea. The pictures are analogue and you will get the digital version of it.

Optional: *1 fine art print (ca. 45x30cm or bigger) on magical paper. You can book this one additional to your ticket.


Nourish your body and heart. Give and receive


13 limited spots available

Early Birds: 121€ + tax (till 30th of November)

Paradise Birds: 147€ + tax

Additional: Fine Art Print 70€ + tax

One Helper Ticket available for a small fee. Reach out to me.

Cancelations up to 7 days before the Shoot cannot be refunded, you can find a replacement though. Earlier cancellations you will get 50% of the ticket price refunded.


When? 12th of December, 10:30/11.00-15:30

Where? UHU (Urban Healing Unit), Berlin