Creating Nude Art with WOMXN is one of the reasons I am here on this planet. There’s nothing that makes me feel more at ease then when I see women owning¬† their body and coming back to their nature. We just live in a system that believes beauty is something that you have to gain, that you need to look a certain way to be called beautiful. And if you are not born matching the trending beauty standards, then our capitalism shows you a way how you can buy your beauty. It’s sick. The more important it gets to break that spell. Come with me!

Nudity is such a beautiful state. It’s putting down all these masks, its just being real, and vulnerable. Its such a wonderful process my shootings. To see these women coming home, laughing, immediately being connected because they are vulnerable and naked with each other. Our world made being naked something sexual and something that isn’t allowed in public. Its getting shamed – especially for women. Women have to censor their nipples on social media while men can show off their abs. I wanna break with that. My art is a message: NUDITY ISN’T SEXUAL, YOUR GAZE IS. And yes, it can be sexual to be naked, but thats a matter of context. Just cause your naked, doesn’t mean you’re trying to be sexy. Its a natural state. Its our f**cking birth right.


You might also have heard that instagram might delete me because from the 20th of december on, the guidelines change. Now its not even allowed to show censored bodys. Its dramatic news for many artists and s*xworkers – especially during corona craziness. We are dependend on the reach of this plattform. It’s sad, but true.

So how can you support me?

  • I decided to sell prints in 2021. So if you want to be updated. Sign my newsletter here.
  • Another decision I made is to NOT publish all(!) of my content without censoring on my website. I created a patreon account with many different memberships. You’ll get prints or shootings if you sign up for the bigger ones, but also get to see a lot of unpublished art without censor or watermark on patreon. I’m planning some cool nude shoots in the future. You can also see me work via live videos. It’s a great way to support me.
  • You can book me for a photoshoot.

I am thankful for every one of you.



The whole Set uncensored and without the Watermark you’ll find on my patreon. Click here.